General information about dust filtration bags

Why call it dust filtration bag instead of dust bag?

Visually speaking it is just a bag, but the principal task of a dust bag consists in filtration.

With regard to the function of a vacuum cleaner and the existing chain of filtration inside the cleaner, the dust filtration bag represents the first and most important stage of filtration.

Dust and dirt particles are sucked into the vacuum cleaner by low pressure, subsequently filtered by the material of the bag and finally collected inside the bag.  The following means of filtration such as motor filter, micro filter or HEPA filter are only completing the suction effect.

Advantages of using a vacuum cleaner with dust filtration bag:

  • The suction power of vacuum cleaners with dust filtration bags is generally considerably higher than comparable bagless vacuum cleaners.
  • To remove and change a full dust filtration bag is more hygienic than emptying the dust container of a bagless vacuum cleaner.
  • As far as the price/performance ratio is concerned cleaners with dust filtration bags are clearly a better choice than bagless cleaners whose HEPA or cartridge filters have to be changed regularly.