HAWK / Universität Hildesheim

Endowed faculty chairs for
HAWK and university

Beginning of 2006 Mr. Arwed Löseke (MBA) personally established the "Arwed Löseke University Foundation Hildesheim". In addition to this, since spring 2005 the ARWED LÖSEKE Papierverarbeitung und Druckerei GmbH  Company has donated substantial amounts of money to the University of  Hildesheim (www.uni-hildesheim.de) and HAWK (University of Applied Sciences and Arts located in Hildesheim/Holzminden/Göttingen - www.hawk-hhg.de ) for the creation of one endowed faculty chair at each institute for a sustained strengthening of economic courses.

An endowed chair for family-run companies was created at HAWK that is run by Prof. Dr. Christoph Kolbeck. Primarily, this chair is offered in the form of general economic lectures for the students of particular study programs at HAWK, but is also there for the support of entrepreneurs and freelance self-employed persons as well as supporting multidisciplinary study programs (languages and communication), specific further training programs for members of family-run companies plus research and development projects with regards to problems and questions that arise from the family-run company sector.
Under direction of  Prof. Dr. Kolbeck meanwhile numerous projects have been realized, e.g.:

  • „STARTklar",  an entrepreneurship initiative for students of  the HAWK
  • On-the-job seminars with students at Löseke and further regional companies developing strategic projects
  • Business survey in collaboration with HI-REG, corporation for regional business development
  • Foundation of  the Entrepreneur Circle Hildesheim

The University of  Hildesheim created an endowed chair for the Business IT Sector. Mr. Prof. Dr. Dr. Lars Schmidt-Thieme who is in charge of this department not only covers the strong demand of teaching, research and further training at the interface of Business Studies / IT but will also offer advanced training for representatives of medium-sized businesses within the sectors of data, knowledge and information management, analysis and optimization of business processes, e-commerce, online market research and computer-based decision support.
Students of  Business Studies and Informatics supported company Löseke in preparing and implementing following projects:

  • Machine data logging
  • Electronic document management
  • Output management

In winter semester 2008/2009 company Löseke granted scholarships for all first-semester students of  Business IT to reimburse university fees. For second and following semesters a scholarship system for the best students will also be provided.

The creation of these two endowed chairs should benefit and strengthen the interactive network between the universities and economy within the Hildesheim region.