AEO-F Certification


We are pleased to inform you that Arwed Löseke Papierverarbeitung und Druckerei GmbH has gained the status AEO-F ("Customs / Security") from the main Customs office in Braunschweig.

Number of certification: DE AEOF 107829

The certificate established by Customs Organization approves after intensive controls that a company is a very trustworthy and reliable partner in international goods traffic.

The World Customs Organization (WCO) was forced to implement worldwide rules for a modern and effective risk-management in customs offices and concerned economic partners due to continuing globalization processes and changed international security situation.

The status "Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)" can be reached from companies situated in the European Union since 2008, who take part in customs concerned business. It allows simplified processing of security relevant customs‘ controls according to customs‘ regulations.

Target of this certification is the continuous securing of the international supply chain from the manufacturer to the consumer. With Arwed Löseke Papierverarbeitung und Druckerei GmbH as your business partner you are completing your security chain and you do not only benefit from its service as an international acting company but now also from its special security status as stable base for current and future business.